When I first met Jason, I thought to myself, “This guy is just like all the other paint salesmen I’ve met before.” He was giving me the same lines I had been hearing for years. “I’ve been a painter for 20 years;” “Our product will save you money;” “Our product covers better;” “This product buffs faster and better;” I had heard it all. But despite my initial reaction to our meeting, I shook his hand and we started using the Axalta line.

After a year of working with Paint Masters, one of my painters was leaving to go on vacation for a week. Jason had hired a fill-in painter and said it wouldn’t be a problem to have him work in my shop while my painter was on vacation. The guy Jason hired was a no-call-no-show. So I called Jason and he told me to have my cars prepped and that he would come over and paint them himself after work. Mind you, this is the owner of our paint store.

For a whole week, Jason came to my shop each evening and painted a house full of cars. He was there so late he even volunteered to close the shop for me. I will never forget that. This type of service and dedication is unmatched in our industry. Jason is so committed to his customers he will do whatever it takes to help their shop run smoother. I can’t say enough good things about Jason Williams and the people he has working for him. Doing what he did for us that week speaks volumes about his character and the care he has for his customers.

Jason Mundy

Owner, Mundy's Collision Center

Paint Masters has been a partner to Five Star Collision Centers since 2014. Over the years, Five Star has added collision centers, and with Paint Masters help, we have had continuous improvement. We work closely to make sure the products and processes are streamlined across all locations. I and the shop managers know that the Paint Masters team is always available to help. It is a blessing to have such great vendor partners. We couldn’t do it without them! Thank you to Jason and his team!

Charel Lock

Collision Center Operations Manager, Five Star Automotive Group

If you are looking for that personal touch, you need Paint Masters! I had been using a different vendor for over 25 years, but when I took over Legacy Toyota Collision Center, I had the privilege of meeting the Paint Masters team. I already had plans to switch paint services, but I was not expecting Jason Williams, the owner of Paint Masters to reach out to me to set up a meeting on my first day! Jason and Steve Desherlia showed up we talked, they listened to my plans, and then he was all aboard and offered to help in any way he could. I thought what it can hurt, and I took Jason and Steve up on their offer and let me tell you it was the best thing I did!! The other vendor wasn’t so happy, but thanks to the team of Paint Masters I have a new loyal paint company. CHEERS!!!!!!

Chase Wood

Legacy Toyota