WaterBorne Products

Hi-TEC System

Permahyd Hi-TEC is the MOST Productive Basecoat and gives you the edge to increase productivity and capacity with higher spray booth throughput.

Innovative paint products contribute to efficient work processes. The products of the Hi-TEC System are perfectly adapted to each other and are easy to apply. Vehicle processing is accelerated by short application times, rapid drying and simple sanding of the materials.

  • Increase Capacity
  • 55% FASTER than Competition:
    • 1.5 Coats
    • No Flash Between Coats
  • Less Consumption, Higher Profitability
  • Higher Pigment Content
    • Better Coverage
    • 95% of Colors cover in 1.5 coats

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Painting cars in a flash; with no flash time required between coats

Cromax Pro is a basecoat designed to deliver single-visit application with 1.5-coat coverage for the majority of colors with no flash time required between coats to help reduce steps in the repair process. Solid, metallic and pearl colors are clean and bright to help a technician easily and accurately match OEM finishes. See? We told you it was better.

Why Choose Cromax Pro?

  • All the colors you could want — solids, metallic and pearl — to help with excellent color match to keep customers happy.
  • One and done. Single-visit, 1.5 coat application for most colors should mean better coverage in less time.
  • Fewer coats means less worrying about dirt and contamination.
  • Apply wet on wet without waiting. No flash time required between coats means faster cycle times.
  • Helps to reduce time and energy cost thanks to fewer bake or drying cycles.

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CROMAX EZ: Waterborne Made Easy

Are you also looking for a simpler waterborne basecoat system? One that doesn’t compromise quality? Cromax EZ packs premium quality into a paint that’s easy to mix, easy to match and easy to apply. Plus, Cromax EZ is designed to deliver better coverage and speed than competitive waterborne systems, so it’s just not easy to use, it’s better for your bottom line.

Cromax EZ is a waterborne formulation that uses a coat flash application approach. That means easy, familiar application methods and great results. It provides ease of application and accurate color matching. Cromax EZ makes the transition from a solvent painter to a water painter very easy and seamless.

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